If You’ve Benefited From My Work, Here’s Your Chance To Say Thanks

"Steve Fearson is one of the most creative people I have had the pleasure of working with." - David Copperfield

Raised in Wisconsin, I currently reside in Las Vegas with a tiny family consisting of my daughter and her little dog.  I have devoted my entire adult life to creating illusions for others to perform, my only goal being to elevate the art of magic. I shared my first effect with the community in 1990, a floating cigarette routine based on a technique now commonly referred to in magic circles as the Fearson Hookup. It’s the secret behind some of the most well known levitations on the market. The proudest moment of my career was creating the visible sawing presented by David Copperfield as The Laser Illusion. You may have seen another magician go viral with that effect a few years ago, it was featured on virtually every news station and video site on the planet.

Today I can hardly watch a street performer, a stage show or a special on television without seeing the influence of my contributions. On nearly every visit to the Las Vegas Strip I encounter someone performing my trick. Lately, when I introduce myself they have no idea who I am. 

Because my best work has become a staple in magic most of you are already  familiar with it, whether you realize it or not. If you are a magician it’s likely that a supportive friend shared it with you. Some have learned it directly from me, at a lecture or one of my products. Far more learned from an unauthorized source for which I received no benefit and often no credit. To those who have paid to learn it directly from the source, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your love and respect for the art of magic  has made it possible for me to continue creating for as long as I have. Your support of creators is the fuel that keeps magic alive and propels it to new heights.

The magic industry is a competitive business, notoriously ruthless and it’s had it’s ups and downs during the past few decades. Like so many around the world, 2020 has dealt my business a devastating and final blow. As I pursue other options, I’m asking for your support. Over the years I’ve heard from countless magicians who have landed a gig or made their entire living using my creations, some have even met or proposed to their spouse using my magic. If I’ve helped you in some way or if you just appreciate the work I’ve done, here is your chance to help me perform one final trick.

My Family
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