If You Can Help, Steve Fearson Is Requesting Your Support


Born and raised in Wisconsin, I currently reside in Las Vegas with my daughter and her little dog.  I have devoted my entire adult life to creating illusions for others to perform, my only goal being to elevate the art of magic. I shared my first effect with the community in 1990, a levitation routine based on a technique now commonly referred to in magic circles as the Fearson Hookup.

Today I can hardly watch a street performer, a stage show or a special on television without seeing the influence of my contributions. I could not be more proud, since this was my ultimate vision when it all began. 

Because my best work has become a staple in magic most of you are already  familiar with it, whether you realize it or not. If you are a magician it’s likely that a supportive friend shared it with you. Some have learned it directly from me, at a lecture or one of my products. Far more learned from an unauthorized source for which I received no benefit and often no credit. To those who have paid to learn it directly from the source, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your love and respect for the art of magic  has made it possible for me to continue creating for as long as I have. Your support of creators is the fuel that keeps magic alive and propels it to new heights.

My Family
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